VLT® Functional extensions

  • Functional extensions increase the flexibility of an AC drive by extending I/Os and by providing dedicated interfaces for a wide variety of feedback devices.
  • VLT® General Purpose I/O MCB 101

    • Offers an extended number of ¬control inputs and outputs 
    • 3 digital inputs 0–24 V: Logic ‘0’ < 5 V; Logic ‘1’ > 10V 
    • 2 analog inputs 0–10 V: Resolution 10 bit plus sign
    • 2 digital outputs NPN/PNP push pull
    • 1 analog output 0/4–20 mA
    • Spring-loaded connection

    VLT® Encoder Input MCB 102

    • Offers the possibility to connect various types of incremental and absolute encoders. The connected encoder can be used for closed-loop speed control as well as closed-loop flux motor control  
    • The following encoder types are supported:
      • 5V TTL (RS 422)
      • 1VPP SinCos
      • SSI
      • Hiperface
      • EnDat

    VLT® Resolver Input MCB 103

    • This option enables connection of a resolver to provide speed feedback from the motor
    • Primary voltage......2–8 Vrms
    • Primary frequency......2.0–15 kHz 
    • Primary current max......50 mA rms
    • Secondary input voltage......4 Vrms 
    • Spring loaded connection

    VLT® Relay Card MCB 105

    • Makes it possible to extend relay functions with 3 additional relay outputs.
    • Max switch rate at rated load/min. load......6 min–1/20 sec-1
    • Protects control cable connection
    • Spring-loaded control wire connection
    • Max. terminal load:
      • AC-1 Resistive load......240 V  AC 2 A
      • AC-15 Inductive load @cos phi 0.4......240 V AC 0.2 A
      • DC-1 Resistive load......24 V DC 1 A
      •  DC-13 Inductive load @cos phi 0.4......24 V DC 0.1 A 
    • Min. terminal load:
      • DC 5 V......10 mA

    VLT® Safe PLC I/O MCB 108

    • The VLT® AutomationDrive FC 302 provides a safety input based on a single pole 24 V DC input 
    • For the majority of applications this input enables the user to implement safety in a cost-effective way. For applications that work with more advanced products like Safety PLC and light curtains, the Safe PLC interface enables the connection of a two-wire safety link
    • The Safe PLC Interface allows the Safe PLC to interrupt on the plus or the minus link without interfering the sense signal of the Safe PLC

    VLT® Analog I/O MCB 109

    • This analog input/output option is easily fitted in the frequency converter for upgrading to advanced performance and control using the additional I/O 
    • Upgrades the frequency converter with a battery back-up supply for the frequency converter built-in clock (that typically lasts for 10 years, depending on the environment). This provides stable use of all frequency converter clock functions as timed actions
    • 3 analog inputs, each configurable as both voltage and temperature input
    • Connection of 0–10 V analog signals as well as PT1000 and NI1000 temperature inputs
    • 3 analog outputs each configurable as 0-10 V outputs

    VLT® PTC Thermistor Card MCB 112

    •  Enables improved surveillance of the ¬motor ¬condition compared to the built-in ETR ¬function and thermistor terminal  
    • Protects the motor from overheating
    • ATEX-approved for use with Ex d and Ex e motors (EX e only FC 302)
    • Uses Safe Stop function, which is approved in accordance with SIL 2 IEC 61508

    VLT® Sensor Input MCB 114

    • Protects the motor from being overheated by monitoring the temperature of bearings and windings in the motor 
    • Three self-detecting sensor inputs for 2 or 3 wire PT100/PT1000 sensors 
    • One additional analog input 4–20 mA

    VLT® Safety Option MCB 150 and MCB 151

    • Expand the Safe Torque Off (STO) function, which is integrated in a standard VLT® AutomationDrive. Use the Safe Stop 1 (SS1) function to perform a controlled stop before removing torque. Use the Safely Limited Speed SLS function to monitor whether a specified speed is exceeded 
    • The functions can be used up to PL d according to ISO 13849-1 and SIL 2 according to IEC 61508
    • Additional standards-compliant safety functions
    • Replacement of external safety equipment
    • Reduced space requirements
    • 2 safe programmable inputs
    • 1 safe output (for T37)
    • Easier machine certification
    • Drive can be powered continuously
    • Safe LCP Copy
    • Dynamic commissioning report
    • TTL (MCB 150) or HTL (MCB 151) encoder as speed feedback

    VLT® Safety Option MCB 152

    • Enables activation of Safe Torque Off (STO) via the PROFIsafe fieldbus in combination with VLT® PROFINET MCA 120 fieldbus option. It improves flexibility by connecting safety devices within a plant  
    • Safety functions are implemented according to EN IEC 61800-5-2
    • Supports PROFIsafe functionality to activate integrated safety functions of the VLT® AutomationDrive from any PROFIsafe host, up to Safety Integrity Level SIL 2 according to EN IEC 61508 and EN IEC 62061, Performance Level PL d, Category 3 according to EN ISO 13849-1
    • PROFIsafe device (in combination with MCA 120)
    • Replacement of external safety equipment
    • 2 safe programmable inputs
    • Safe LCP Copy
    • Dynamic commissioning report

    VLT® Extended Cascade Controller MCO 101

    • Easy to fit
    • Upgrades the built-in cascade controller to operate more pumps and provide more advanced pump control in master/follower mode
    • Up to 6 pumps in standard cascade set-up
    • Up to 5 pumps in master/follower set-up
    • For technical specifications, see VLT® Relay Option MCB 105

    VLT® Extended Relay Card MCB 113

    • Adds inputs/outputs for increased flexibility 
    • 7 digital inputs
    • 2 analog outputs
    • 4 SPDT relays
    • Meets NAMUR recommendations
    • Galvanic isolation capability


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