MyDrive® Portfolio app – Providing fast, intuitive and informative digital services

    • All information at your fingertips
    • Easy to use 
    • Unique availability
    MyDrive® represents an ecosystem of software tools that support your entire portfolio of Danfoss drives – both VLT® and VACON® brands – throughout the entire lifecycle.

    You can use the MyDrive® Portfolio app to search for information on a particular product or to find comprehensive material related to a specific industry and its applications and products. There are also links to cases, videos, brochures and manuals. Just browse through the information online and download the PDFs you need to your mobile device. Everything you find can also be added to an e-mail for sharing.

    Shorter development time using simulation

    • Enabling the next level of efficiency 
    • Faster development time 
    • Unsurpassed digital test methods 
    • Functional testing and peak performance already during the design phase

    For Danfoss, an ultimate digital customer experience is not only about the interaction with our products. Our aim is to provide the digital customer experience already from the early phase before a product has been purchased, and in all steps throughout its lifecycle.

    DrivePro® offers a comprehensive set of ‘model-based products’ ensuring faster, easier more efficient system engineering tasks.

    1. Drive System Library: Dimensioning of systems/equipment, dynamic behavior of systems/equipment, application software engineering, system failure behavior – all of which usually require a heavy laboratory development phase – are possible within a simulation environment. 
    2. Application Library: Application software development is possible already in the design phase. 
    3. Drive Efficiency: Virtual system engineering based on efficiency maps ensure real system efficiency values are obtainable to confirm the right components have been selected and the right way to use them has been defined. 
    4. Drive Machinery Functional Testing: This value-adding service offers customers the possibility to test the operation of their application software against base test cases formed in our test case collection. The following is integrated in the machine/process simulation:
    • Functionality testing 
    • Machine/process design optimization to expected performance and functionality 
    • Selection based on performance 
    • Simulate fault situation behavior based on ambient, electrical and environmental variations 

    Danfoss Drives uses a wide range of simulation methods to deliver the best products for your needs


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