Digital performance

  • Intelligent operation

    Once installed, the AC drive monitors both its own performance, and the performance of its application. Logs of vital parameters and alarms facilitate preventive troubleshooting. Evaluation of the available internal data as well as external sensor signals takes place in the drive, and can be communicated further via fieldbus. All this information is available through protocols which match customer communication systems.

    Danfoss AC drives also deliver a wealth of relevant process information, based on knowledge of the motor current reflecting the current load conditions of the drive. The high quality of this data enables the drive to initiate action where required. Critical conditions such as over- or under-voltages, or small dips in the power supply from the grid, are detected and dealt with automatically.

    Centralized control

    For ease of installation and optimized operation, Danfoss drives are compatible with any control system.

    Today’s AC drives are intelligent, which enables them to handle many tasks in drive systems. To exploit the full potential of the drives, you can quickly and easily integrate them into the control system by using fieldbus protocols, such as BACnet. Just one hardware data point gives you full access to all objects of the installed drives. Cabling and commissioning are simpler, which leads to cost savings from the installation phase onward.

    Better alarm management

    Detailed alarm messages simplify the pin-pointing of possible fault causes and provide effective support for remote facility monitoring. Decoding of collective fault messages allows faults to be diagnosed and the right correction or maintenance actions to be initiated. Remote maintenance via an active internet connection allows state and/or fault messages to be displayed quickly, even with remote systems or system components.

    Better facility management

    Your facility can be operated from one central point – the control room – and processes regulate themselves according to the settings programmed in the control room. The operator has a clear overview of the current situation at all times and is able to monitor and adjust all drive settings remotely.

    A large volume of data is available for effective facility management. Status data, such as the output frequency or power consumption, can be retrieved and processed at any time. Additional data for effective energy and peak load management is available without additional components.

    Fast, easy commissioning

    In the past, commissioning a drive decentrally has been a marathon task where you’ve had to run back and forth between your drive and the application. MyDrive® Connect allows you to configure your drive while remaining conveniently close to the process.

    This mobile application for commissioning and servicing of drives will use point-to-point communication based on Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11). Its intuitive widgets and user-friendly functionalities enhance usability. Benefits include:

    • Easy connection through pre-defined authentication 
    • Intuitive graphical widgets and live graphs for monitoring 
    • Quick parameter ID search
    • LCP copy to your phone or to the LCP 103 internal memory
    • Safe and secure wireless communication (AES, Advanced Encryption Standard) 
    • English- and German-language support
    • Simulation mode

    Get the most out of your drive solution

    DrivePro® services are a range of support, life-cycle and value-adding services that ensure you get the most out of your AC-drive solution.
    Services include DrivePro® Start-up, which uses digital technology to optimize drive safety, availability and performance and ensure optimal operation of your drive. DrivePro® Preventive Maintenance uses digital technology to monitor the performance of your drive and identify and correct issues before they affect the process. Through a computer connected to your drive, DrivePro® Remote Expert Support ensures our experts are never far away and are always ready to help you maintain the highest levels of performance in your operations.
  • DrivePro® services

    Experience extended drive lifetime and optimized lifecycle performance.
  • MyDrive® Connect

    Experience fast commissioning with safe, secure communication.
  • PC operation tools

    Empower your AC drives by using PC tools that ensure easy operation and the highest level of customization.

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