Products for the Food and Beverage industry

  • With so many different processes, effective motor control is crucial to improve process performance and reliability in the food and beverage industry. Our portfolio of products includes VLT® drives that offer seamless system integration and the valuable benefits of variant reduction.
  • VLT® OneGearDrive®

    A highly efficient combination of a permanent magnet motor and optimized bevel gearing.
  • VLT® Integrated Servo Drive ISD® 410

    A compact drive based on a synchronous servomotor that is energy-efficient, precise and easy to install.
  • VLT® AQUA Drive
    FC 202

    Drives and controls all types of pumps and comes equipped with a cascade controller.
  • VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 302

    Thanks to its rugged design, this drive can be mounted close to motors in demanding applications.
  • VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103

    Dedicated to controlling compressors, pumps and fans for significant energy savings in refrigeration plants.
  • VLT® AutomationDrive
    FC 301 / FC 302

    A modular AC drive designed to comply with all modern automation-application requirements.
  • VLT® HVAC Drive
    FC 102

    This tough and savvy drive enhances pump and fan applications in building management systems, and runs outdoors in most climates

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