Dedicated functionality

  • The user experience of the crane consists of many factors. Danfoss Drives has a long track record of delivering AC drives that meet the expectations of crane operators and owners in the following areas: 

    • enhanced hoisting performance due to smooth brake control and high-accuracy speed control
    • increased energy efficiency in terms of overall energy consumption as well as regeneration back to the network
    • single drive or common DC bus configurations 
    • energy-storage integration to AC or DC grid with grid converters
    • load sharing for multi-motor hoisting
    • reduction in audible noise thanks to low motor noise with high switching frequency and speed-controlled cooling fans
    • motor-control availability for various motor types including permanent magnet motors, multi-segment motors, induction motors and synchronous reluctance motors
    • high levels of connectivity with support for multiple-control interfaces and feedbacks
    • EMC compatibility and safety-related functionalities that enhance the reliability and safe operation of equipment
    Danfoss Drives also provides customized solutions for hardware and software that enable seamless integration and a range of features that optimize the total system.

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